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The Exclusive Insignia Difference

We believe electronics should be dependable, affordable and do exactly what they are supposed to — simply and easily. It is our job to deliver on this belief, keep complexity away from getting in the way of your electronics experiences.

Being a part of the nation’s largest electronics retailer gives us the insight we need to provide simple, quality solutions. So does direct input from people like you, who use these products every day. The end result is exceptional quality and functionality, all at a very reasonable price. Only from Insignia.


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Welcome to Insignia's growing community of individuals who make, sell and enjoy Insignia products. Find answers to your questions, learn from others and share your knowledge and experiences with us and your fellow Community members.

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Engage with others, engage with us. Find product help, troubleshooting tips and FAQs. Jump right in, read what others are saying, and share your thoughts. You can also sign up for product notifications, post questions and even help others.

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