Product Notice
Cancellation of GPS map updates and connected services

Insignia™ is committed to innovation and value, helping consumers stay connected. As such, we keep a close eye on technology as it evolves and are constantly listening to our customers’ needs. In this process, we’ve seen a rise in adoption of multiuse, mobile companion devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and a growth in capabilities associated with these products, including GPS. Reflecting these new developments, Insignia is making a strategic shift to focus on these growth areas and is ceasing the production of its stand-alone GPS devices and no further map updates will be generated for existing devices.

Our quality service and support will continue to be available to current Insignia GPS customers through a variety of channels:

  • All customers currently under warranty will continue to receive technical support and service either by phone or in store.
  • For customers who purchased a subscription plan, Insignia representatives will work closely with each individual to ensure that they arrive at an appropriate solution following the end of their service.

We invite customers with specific questions about Insignia GPS products to contact Insignia Customer Service at 1-877-467-4289.