How many light bulbs does it take to change the world?

Insignia LED light bulb

Using 75% less energy and lasting 25 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs, the new Insignia LED light bulb is revolutionizing lighting — one bulb at a time. This is Uncommon Sense.

ENERGY STAR™ certification. Another bright spot in one bulb’s amazing story.

Minimal energy consumption, long life and amazing performance — these are the very makings of Uncommon Sense™. They also make the Insignia® LED light bulb an ideal ENERGY STAR certified product.

Energy Star logoWhat does this certification mean for you? It could mean even greater cost savings through utility rebates. Contact your local power company to learn more!

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The light bulb of the future is available now.

Innovation is about making improvements while keeping the best traits of the traditional light bulb.

  • Dimmable omni- directional lighting is great for any mood.
  • Classic shape lets you replace your bulbs, not your lamps.
  • Turns on instantly and contains no mercury unlike CFL bulbs.
  • Kid friendly polycarbonate shell gives you a bulb you can shake, toss or drop
  • Recyclable. But not necessary for a couple decades.

When light bulbs outlast your appliances, light bulb jokes will go extinct.

During the 22 year average lifespan of this bulb, you'll change lots of things. But you'll only need to change your light bulb once.

  • microwave You will replace your microwave 2 times.
  • cellphone You will change your phone 11 times.
  • oil can You will change your oil 88 times.
  • car You will change your car 3 times.
  • scissors You will cut your hair 176 times.
  • sock You will change your socks 8,030 times.
  • briefcase You will change your job 5 times.
  • house You will have moved 3 times.
  • shoe You will replace your shoes 44 times.

See the world as it really is.

Avoid the cold blue hues of CFL bulbs.
The Insignia LED light bulb bathes you in familiar warm white light.

  • Insignia LED Bulb
    Insignia LED Bulb
  • CFL Bulb
    CFL Bulb

It uses less electricity and lasts longer. You can’t afford to NOT buy them.